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This is an initiative to leverage best practices and knowledge through the VTEX ecosystem.

The first edition is about how to simplify mobile design and development with the VTEX platform.

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Main audiences

The information on this edition is intended for system programmers who will plan, install, and customize mobile websites.

Mobile version

In the VTEX platform, you can create a separate environment for the mobile version, that is, when the user visits the website, the platform automatically identifies which device is being used and directs him/her to the configured template.

Practical knowledge

The required concepts and tasks are illustrated by figures and practical examples. Structuring a mobile website within VTEX is a very simple task: a layout and technical knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JS are required to run the front-end.

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About the Project

VTEX Book is a collection of technical and business publications. It was designed by the VTEX Partner team to promote partners who have have stood out and are able to share knowledge with the entire ecosystem.

First Edition

Enext is one of the most recognized VTEX certified partner in Brazil. The team has more than 100 people, 150 customers and is one of the best 20 digital agencies to work for in Brazil according to Great Place to Work. Some of Enext's customers: Pirelli, Sephora, Mondelez, Roche, Novartis, ABInbev, Carrefour, Fnac and many others.

We would also would like to thank Omnicore Consult for their collaboration and guidance during the development of this document.

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Second Edition

Second Edition

What happens in the Silicon Valley | Find out about popular technologies, entrepreneurship, and agile methodologies and how to apply these lessons on your daily VTEX operation.

Technologies Technologies
Management Management
Third Edition

Third Edition

Cross Border Operations | The third edition is about how to simplify global commerce complexities, including logistics, regulations and VTEX's tips and tricks on multiple scenarios.

Operations Operations
Logistics Logistics
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Building a Mobile Version with the VTEX platform