Electronics is


The electronics and appliances retail  sector is, by far, the most competitive in the digital landscape. But it also presents the most significant opportunities.

Our vision

The shift in technology. With time, it becomes cheaper and more scalable.

In attempt to increase revenue streams, online store A might encourage customers to visit physical store B and check out products that might interest them. When the wish list is ready it will be time to get back online and buy the desired items for a lower price in store A; following a practice known as “showrooming.” This is one of the many examples of how competitive and hostile this industry can be, and it holds no space for rookies.

On the other hand, this same scenario presents a huge opportunity for store B, if they are able to provide a seamless customer experience, along with convenient service, good product assortment, and low prices.

According to Clavis Insight, 20% of Europe´s electronics sales came from eCommerce in 2017. In the US, the electronics market represents more than $70 billion dollars.

Omnichannel, operational efficiency, and logistics are the three major areas you should be focusing on, and, fortunately, we provide great know-how in those matters. Shall we get started?

Here are the main

opportunities you should be looking at in order to stay ahead of the curve.



You should have the ability to provide infinite delivery options for your customers: Pick-up in store, ship-from-store, and other shipping methods and rates will give them all the options possible to provide them with much-needed convenience.


Operational Efficiency

Margins in this business are very tight. Being able to effectively assess costs versus benefits for every piece of the operation allows for unparalleled price reduction for your customer.



Foster omnichannel strategies and see the online experience boost the physical one, and vice-versa, you will be generating more sales for both channels.


We are here not only to offer the technology, but to establish a true partnership. We believe that differentiating ourselves only by the features we provide does not add enough value to the relationship. Software functionalities can be developed, however trust and long-lasting relationships can only be earned. Aside from a comprehensive array of capabilities, an agile methodology and a lower total cost of ownership, we at VTEX pride ourselves on being forward thinkers and market influencers, as well as consultants to our customers.

Our teams are designed to continuously and autonomously evolve our platform in order to provide a state-of-the-art experience for our customers.

Some of Our Delighted

Electronic Customers

"Whirlpool’s quest for cloud solutions is part of the strategy to make the company more competitive and agile."
Mike Heim - Global Whirlpool's CIO

Browse some of our features

VTEX Instore

VTEX InStore brings all the power of eCommerce to your physical store, with the same catalog, same product information, same pricing and promotions, same customer data and the same management system with total omnichannel consistency.


With our Open APIs approach, our platform is ready to integrate with Price Comparison Platforms. You can monitor competitors’ prices and if they lower their prices, you can lower yours dynamically until you reach a pre-established limit.

Marketplace Capabilities

You can sell your products in 20+ natively integrated marketplaces or 2300+ VTEX stores, or become a marketplace yourself.


SEO is enhanced via metatags, 301 redirects, canonical, friendly URL’s for all pages, HTML customization, sitemaps, and robots.txt.

Promotions and Coupons

Easily tailor promotions, targeting the right customer for the most effective message. For example, coupons can be specifically directed to a customer who landed on your store from a price comparison site.

Customer Engagement Management

Deliver personalized campaigns and  shopping experiences by displaying dynamic content based on customer behaviors, segments, purchase history, or what has been sought on search engines.

Content Management System

Unlimited layout control (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, XML) is provided so your store can become easily navigable and engaging.


Manage prices and promotions centrally, starting from a single unified price list and your desired profitability to create strategies for different sales channels, geographic regions, and scheduled timeframes.

VTEX Insights

Through graphs, you can identify trends and correlations between different metrics, enabling you to get the most out of your eCommerce platform.

VTEX Smartcheckout

VTEX SmartCheckout PCI DSS offers a safe 1-click-to-buy seamless experience without the need of a password, increasing conversion rates by more than 25%.

Loyalty and Rewards

During the checkout process, points may be redeemed for discounts. Rewards are configured per SKU and Sales Channel.

VTEX Trigger Messages

You can configure upsell, cross-sell, and cart abandonment, product reviews, happy birthday messages, or credit card expiration notifications with VTEX Trigger mail or SMS.

Store Performance

A study by the Aberdeen Group showed that a 1-second delay in page load time is equal to 7% less in conversions. We have a very mature technological foundation and are ceaselessly developing new ways to make our platform faster.

Order Management System

Centralized order management meets customer expectations to buy, fulfill, and return goods. Customers can even alter orders already in place.

VTEX Logistics

Multi-docks, multi-inventory, multi-carriers per Sales Channel are available. After buying through your app or website, customer will also have the option to pick up the product at the nearest store. They may even be interested in purchasing other items upon seeing them in-person.

360° Management

Easily integrate your existing ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS for real-time product availability, delivery options, and package tracking information.

Agile by Design

Deployments follow the agile methodology and can be as frequent as 50/day which includes: bug fixes, minor and major releases with zero-downtime, allowing your commerce platform to evolve every day.

Health Check Robot

A key component of our monitoring system is the Health Check Robot. It has been tested to support hundreds of orders per second and peaks greater than 20 times the daily average.

Security Certifications

We are a PCI DSS Compliant company since 2013, SSAE 16 standards infrastructure audited, Sarbanes-Oxley, we have 2048 Bits Key and RSA encryption, and we are ‘low risk’ by QualysGuard tool.

Think business
and we take care of the rest.

Our Customer Success team has developed great expertise through countless projects. In order to share some of that knowledge, they have transformed it into actionable insight as a framework we now call the VTEXCommerce Canvas.

Go ahead, download our canvas and start planning your growth.