Fashion is


When it comes to digital commerce, fashion is one of the most noticeable sectors in the overall industry. Here is our two cents on what it takes to maintain a successful online fashion business in today’s competitive landscape.

Our vision

“Fashion” comes from the Latin term facere: to do, to build. Being fashionable is to realize a vision.

Brands must adhere to the general principles of marketing and design by understanding the consumers’ psychology and executing the product, pricing, promotion, and distribution accordingly. The golden rule here is to have consistency in every single touchpoint with special attention to the digital landscape.

At the time a collection is launched, it becomes publicly available. Naturally, the boundless and immediate nature of the digital landscape carries a strong bias of agility and evolution.

This logic generates new business models and opportunities every day because, despite trends and movements, fashion will always play an intrinsic role on our global societies. Democratizing and adjusting R&D efforts to fulfill the demand is the new “black” when it comes to fashion in the sphere of digital commerce. This is what we do here at VTEX.

Here are the main

opportunities you should be looking at in order to say ahead of the curve.



Every single touchpoint should be thought to transmit your brand´s message consistently. Creating an engaging digital experience is a way to support your storytelling.



Companies, providers, and competition; every agent in this system has to learn to become fast and reinvent themselves every season in order to remain relevant.


Rely on Data

A/B testing, analytics, and personalization are ways of becoming more relevant to individuals who resonate with your brands’ message.


We are here not only to offer the technology, but to establish a true partnership. We believe that differentiating ourselves only by the features we provide does not add enough value to the relationship. Software functionalities can be developed, however trust and long-lasting relationships can only be earned. Aside from a comprehensive array of capabilities, an agile methodology and a lower total cost of ownership, we at VTEX pride ourselves on being forward thinkers and market influencers, as well as consultants to our customers.

Our teams are designed to continuously and autonomously evolve our platform in order to provide a state-of-the-art experience for our customers.

Some of Our Delighted

Fashion Customers

"The fact that we launched our store in 62 days is truly remarkable!"
Elena Despa - MiniPrix CMO

Browse some of our features

VTEX Instore

Using a mobile device, your brick-and-mortar salespeople can access data from your eCommerce and tailor exceptional experiences to your customers.

Order Management System

Centralized order management to meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill, and return goods. Customers can buy in your eCommerce and pick up at the nearest store, for example.

Content Management System

Unlimited layout control (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, XML) to create inspiring looks that can be zoomed in and explored at different angles. To create an engaging experience, flexibility is imperative.


SEO is enhanced via metatags, 301 redirects, canonical, friendly URL’s for all pages, HTML customization, sitemaps, and robots.txt.

Social Media Integration

We are natively integrated to social media, which is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your online store.


Easily tailor promotions, targeting the right customer for the most effective message.

Marketplace capabilities

You can sell your products in 20+ natively integrated marketplaces, or become a marketplace yourself.


Organize products into collections based on categories, brands, pre-sale, launch periods, and offers.

Mobile First

Some VTEX clients have seen over 50% of their sales coming from mobile, so it’s crucial that your eCommerce has a responsive design.

VTEX Search Engine

The native search appliance allows customers to easily find what they are looking for.


VTEX SmartCheckout PCI DSS offers a safe 1-click-to-buy seamless experience without the need of a password, increasing conversion rates by more than 25%.

Loyalty and Rewards

During the checkout process, points may be redeemed for discounts. Rewards are configured per SKU and Sales Channel.

Customer Engagement Management

VTEX CEM enables the ability to display dynamic content on the site based on customer behaviors, segments, purchase history, or what has been sought on search engines.

VTEX Insights

Through graphs, you can identify trends and correlations between different metrics, enabling you to get the most out of your commerce platform.

VTEX Logistics

Multi-warehouse, multi-inventory, and multi-carriers per Sales Channel; Pick-up in store, Pick-up points management with automated tracking updates.

360° Management

Easily integrate your existing ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS for real-time product availability, delivery options, and package tracking information.

Agile by Design

Deployments follow the agile methodology and can be as frequent as 50/day which includes: bug fixes, minor and major releases with zero-downtime, allowing your commerce platform to evolve every day.


You can easily have great designers and developers extend your Commerce Platform, and create personalized digital experiences for your customers.

Security Certifications

We are a PCI DSS Compliant company since 2013, SSAE 16 standards infrastructure audited, Sarbanes-Oxley, we have 2048 Bits Key and RSA encryption, and we are ‘low risk’ by QualysGuard tool

Think business
and we take care of the rest.

Our Customer Success team has developed great expertise through countless projects. In order to share some of that knowledge, they have transformed it into actionable insight as a framework we now call the VTEXCommerce Canvas.

Go ahead, download our canvas and start planning your growth.