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VTEX – The True Cloud Commerce™ Platform.

Build your online store in days with a versatile,  multitenant, and extensible digital commerce SaaS platform.

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Gartner Digital

Gartner Magic Quadrant provides a qualitative analysis of the market, its direction, maturity, and participants. To achieve a position on the Quadrant, companies participate in a rigorous process that evaluates their business vision, global presence, customer satisfaction, as well as the technical aspects of their platform.

Challenge the future. You are in good company.

Some of the world’s leading brands have entrusted VTEX to craft beautifully designed digital experiences for their customers.

Create a beautiful and intuitive online store for your brand with an exclusive user experience and unique features. With an average of 50 deploys a day, we are constantly evolving our platform to make it an excellent fit for even the most sophisticated needs.

"New solutions, such as the inStore and the pickup in store features will surely be of great benefit to retail leaders aiming to increase their revenues."
Jordan Hang - eCommerce Coordinator Havan
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VTEX has a number of exclusive features that enable you to successfully increase the positioning and reach of your brand, while measuring and improving the quality of indexed store content. You can also very easily optimize URLs, enhance store traceability, structure the content, and optimize the store’s interface for access through different devices so you can create content specific to each stage of the buying journey.

"Our organic traffic increased more than 20%, and the bounce rate decreased 60%."
Micael Azevedo - eCommerce Director of Schumann

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A seamless shopping experience is essential to creating a long-lasting relationship that goes way beyond a single transaction. This requires a detailed approach, involving one-on-one engagement with your customers through customized offers, communication, and demonstrating your brand’s commitment in every step of the customer journey.

"VTEX Technology provides us the capability to generate different prices and promotions for every single client."
Herbert Viana - CEO Brasil CT

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Companies running the VTEX platform have seen a 54% increase in conversion rates, and a significantly lower rate of cart abandonment. Utilizing the exclusive patent-pending SmartCheckout™ technology, VTEX presents an excellent option for checkout experience.

"With VTEX Smartcheckout, we increased our conversion rate more than 300%."
Juan Martin - CEO of Fravega

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VTEX enables a full Omnichannel experience through multi-warehouse, multi-inventory, and multi-carrier management. The platform provides delivery options according to your customer's needs while offering the optimal combination of time and cost.

"Our approved orders rate increased from 73% to 94% by migrating to VTEX."
Renato Rocha - Technos Head of Retail

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With a secure SaaS multi-tenant, elastic, API-first approach, VTEX Commerce Platform is fully capable of fulfilling the requirements of today’s high-volume eCommerce operations, allowing customers to focus on what really matters: their business; instead of handling constant issues in IT complexity & security.

"VTEX is a very successful Software as a Service company. It’s really fast, reliable, scalable and secure"
Werner Vogels, CTO

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With the aim of approximating business opportunities to the best talent, VTEX presents a highly selective technology ecosystem. We understand that functionalities can be developed, yet trust and long-lasting relationships can only be earned.