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Have you gotten your omnichannel experience right? We can help you make it happen.

Be able to integrate data from different channels, improve customer experience, generate more traffic into your physical store, decrease inventory shortfall and increase sales. Our platform can connect any BackOffice and POS into a single order management system with multi-inventory, multi-points of collection, and multi-delivery management.

Online Shopping delivered in pick-up points

Online Shopping delivered by franchise

Online Shopping delivered in physical store

Shopping in physical store delivered at home

Shopping Third-party products in physical store delivered at home

Online shopping and multi-address delivery and many other scenarios

If your customer
is Omnichannel,
why aren’t you?

Omnichannel is a multi-sales approach that offers consumers an integrated purchasing experience.  Full visibility of your inventory and efficient management of orders and deliveries becomes vital in this process.

VTEX Omnichannel delivers solutions that help retailers increase their inventory depth, reduce disruptions, solve fiscal problems, generate more traffic in physical stores and, most importantly, feature business intelligence in a centralized and universal way, connecting the physical environment to the digital one. It seamlessly provides full control, while increasing the ability to sell and satisfy.

So, what does it mean
in numbers?

Of US consumers use more than one channel to make a purchase decision and 23% of them make a new purchase within 6 months.
1 biUS$
Is the increase in revenue Macy’s has generated after reducing stock shortfall in adopting the Pick-to-the-last-unit (P2LU) system.
Increase in Walmart’s eCommerce revenue after adopting Omnichannel Strategies, like voice assistants integrated to pickup in store delivery.
Store Pickup
Customers can generate the order in the eCommerce and the retailer uses OMS to notify that the order is ready to be withdrawn in the physical store. The customer has the option of deciding the eCommerce order and, even selecting more items to add to the cart, and then finalizing the purchase.
Assisted Sales
Your sales reps can be guided by using InStore to create a more advised and customized approach to the customer in the physical store. With centralized stocks and eCommerce history available, sales can be finalized using a tablet or mobile device without a bureaucratic approach for: payment splits; invoice integration; notifications of stock breach; store inventory integration with the inventory information from the ERP.
Product Return
When a consumer needs to return an item, we make the process simple. In these cases, the seller can use the Instore feature to track down the origin and value of the product without needing an invoice. It is possible to track the history and flow of the order, regardless of the channels and type of the operation, while easily managing the return and reversing logistics of the product. Then, the customer can simply opt for the chargeback. This is possible even in situations where there is a split between cardholder payments and gift vouchers.
Truly Omnichannel
Customers can start their purchases on a mobile device and add more items to the order using desktop. The cart can be retrieved in a physical store by another (approved) person, like a spouse, so the order can be closed then, and the purchase will be concluded. It doesn’t matter how many devices are part of the sale. Vendors can attend to customers in a personalized way, assisting with the entire sale process; from helping customers choose the products, through payment, and choosing delivery methods. Additionally, physical stores can assume a showrooming role or be used as a Pick-to-the-last-unit (P2LU) system, a control provided by the OMS Flow, guaranteeing an unified and consistent experience from start to completion.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

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