Why partner
with VTEX?

We are a a multitenant SaaS eCommerce platform with native support for SEO, PIM, WCM, enterprise search, customer engagement, and payments, which includes a unique, secure one-click payment solution, Smartcheckout. We support more than 70 microservices in production, and have APIs for over 40 independent functions. All of this makes us an easy and fast-to-implement technology.

Along with our exclusive Partner Program, we have an efficient account manager to help you plan your growth. As partners, we will be able to leverage incredible business opportunities together.

  • 1000+

    contracts closed by
    the ecosystem in 2017

  • 2500+

    stores in production

  • 109

    average time
    to go live

  • 400+


  • 1000+


  • 3 US$

    for each dollar
    generated by VTEX,
    3 dollars were generated
    within the ecosystem


Avg time to go live 109 days

More projects. More revenue. Lower costs.

Build, deliver, and distribute apps in the VTEX App Store.

U$600k+ Commission paid to Partners in 2017.

Implementation  margin is 100% defined by the partner.

Training, support and certification.

Awards and bonuses

Access to exclusive tools (CRM, Slack, Zendesk and others).

Become a VTEX Partner

Are you interested in implementing and managing VTEX projects, providing services and solutions that add value to the VTEX Platform, improving User Experience?

Partner Program

Quadrant for Enterprise & Mid-Market Implementation Partners


VTEX IO aims to leverage our mature engineering expertise with features such as our continuous deployment method, fast rollbacks, smart cache, and resilient architecture through our 1000+ System Integrators.

We also provide an efficient way to distribute your app, so the only thing you have to worry about is making a truly fantastic app or feature to extend the VTEX Platform!