B2B is 


It is the Digital Transformation of Business Relationships.

Today, B2B transformation is focused on allowing an easier and more complete experience that allow efficiency at every touchpoint. The new business buyers desire the same rich digital commerce in the B2B experience that they encounter when shopping as consumers. Empowering and enabling the customer with trust and the proper tools are the foundation of any growth relationship of this nature.

Leader vision

Trust can only be earned and built for mutual benefit. It is a deeper and more engaging relationship; a recipe for success.

B2B transformation is the most compelling “top of mind” strategy today. Senior Executives are striving to build more meaningful and more profitable relationships with their trade partners. According to Forrester, 59% of B2B Executives prefer not to interact with a sales rep and 93% state that they prefer to buy online when they’ve decided what to buy. 62% of B2B buyers say they can now develop a set of selection criteria or finalize a list of potential vendors, based solely on digital content without the need of speaking with the company. Frost & Sullivan have found that 69% of executives will entirely replace printed catalogs by e-store showrooms within 5 years. Also, according to Forrester, B2B eCommerce will reach US$ 1.8 trillion by 2020.

Controlling end-to-end sales, easy online order tracking, inventory, multiple shipping methods, and streamlining backend operations with open APIs and flexible architecture, are some of the main reasons B2B Operations are now more popular online than they used to be years ago.

Here at VTEX, we are leading innovation by using our advanced Platform Technologies to support every touchpoint of the journey. We aim to provide the best and most efficient user experience, enabling and empower our customers to grow the business through innovation, exceeding B2B buyers’ expectations and needs.

These are the main

opportunities you should be looking at in order to say ahead of the curve.



A seamless and easy experience for the customer. From Product pages to Credit Control, from Order Management to Loyalty programs; from Warranty to Customer Service. Make it easy to grow your business with us.



Encompasses several strategies to deliver products and services in the most cost-effective and timely manner, with operational and pricing rules, user-control, and credit-controls.



The automatic, bidirectional synchronization provides real-time transparency into operations, streamlining processes and improving results.


We offer not only the technology but also a true partnership. Differentiating ourselves only by the features does not add enough value. Software functionalities can be developed, yet thought leadership and mindset along with constant innovation creates long-lasting relationships that span years successfully. Aside from a comprehensive array of capabilities, plus an agile methodology and a lower total cost of ownership, we at VTEX pride ourselves on being forward thinkers and market influencers.

Our teams are designed to continuously and autonomously evolve our platform in order to provide a state of the art experience. Our Executive Teams consult with many Global Reference Voices, former C-levels, and Sr. Execs, to gain the most knowledge, and to learn from their experiences to benefit the overall Digital Transformation.


Some of Our Delighted

B2B Customers

"Em quatro meses nosso e-commerce estava pronto."
Gabriel Cabrera - Sony VP

Browse some of our features


With our Pricing Module it is possible to have a scheduled price, Import/Export of prices through worksheet, price by minimum quantity, cost price and markup range, price rules by trade policy, psychological price, price variation lock, conditional prices and price table with hierarchy and, of course, everything can be done via APIs.

Credit Control

For each customer or representative to whom your store provides credit, you can set and dynamically manage a credit limit. The limit can also be spread as a Open To Buy across multiple merchants and buyers in the company. You can set a value of tolerance, which is a percentage that the customer is allowed to go beyond for their credit limit without blocking the purchase.

Brands and Manufactures

A complete Rates & Benefits module that allows wholesalers to create incentive programs and sales scenarios to incentivize minimum order per SKU. More for less, Progressive Discount and Buy and Win are just a few examples of what you can develop for your business on VTEX.


Only authenticated and approved users will be able to browse your website. New registrations require approval within your own set of rules like company validation and credit analysis, for example.


Marketplace Capabilities

We support first-party and third party selling channels, meaning you can either create your own marketplace or sell your products in the 2300+ VTEX Stores or 20+ Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. It is a good strategy to sell your products in a store that complements your product.

Quick reorder

Enable your customers to easily repeat previous orders on your website creating a seamless experience for recurring sales.

Content Management System

With a flexible CMS, you define end-to-end purchase flow. Customers can add the product to the cart directly through the catalog with basic configure-price-quote capability.

Multi-price lists

B2B accounts may have individually negotiated price lists managed either in the ecommerce or in the ERP system. Our platform enables customer-specific prices on a variety of different levels: organization, company, or department, and can manage negotiated price lists on a granular “per article” or “article group” level. Not to mention the possibility of adding promotions on top of the regular pricing, ensuring all the rules will be respected.

Customer Engagement Management

The price and catalog displayed can be according to the customers’ cluster, and can exhibit exclusive products and progressive discounts according to their purchase history.

VTEX Trigger Messages

You can configure upsell, cross-sell, product & services reviews, credit card expiration messages with VTEX Trigger mail or SMS.

B2B Checkout Workflow

According to customer login, the page defines the customer’s cost center and the credit limit available for purchase at the store, and may depend, or not, on the approval of a manager, for example.


VTEX TaxHub applies all possible tax calculations to the final costs directly in the application through integration with specialized tax calculation companies.

Order Management System

Centralized order management occurs to meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill, and return goods. Customers can even change and update orders already placed.

360° Management

A complete API suite available. Easily integrate your existing ERP, CRM, WMS, or TMS through WebAPI – JSON/REST for real-time product availability, delivery options, and tracking of package information.

VTEX Logistics

Multi-warehouses, multi-inventory, multi-carriers, and global logistics solutions with Google Maps Polygon Array integration.

Agile by Design

Deployments follow the agile methodology and can be as many as 50 per day which includes: bug fixes, minor and major releases with zero-downtime allowing your commerce platform to evolve every day.

Health Check Robot

A key component of our monitoring system is the Health Check Robot. It has been tested to support hundreds of orders per second and peaks greater than 20 times the daily average.

Security Certifications

We are a PCI DSS Compliant company since 2013, SSAE 16 standards infrastructure audited, Sarbanes-Oxley, 2048 Bits Key and RSA encryption, Low Risk by QualysGuard tool.

Think business;
 we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Customer Success team has developed great expertise through various projects. In order to share some of that knowledge, they have been able to transform it into actionable insight as a framework we now call the VTEXCommerce Canvas.

Go ahead, download our canvas and start planning your growth.