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Avg time to go live 109 days

Agile by design

VTEX is a multitenant SaaS solution, based on the SOA paradigm. It consists of 70+ microservices, with fully independent lifecycles. VTEX’s architecture was developed to provide high scalability and safety using a unique and stable code, capable of adapting to each customer’s business demands. Due to our agile nature and culture, we are not only ahead of the game in terms of technology but also innovation and customer behavior. Deployments follow the agile methodology and up to 50/day releases for bug fixes are occurring, with zero-downtime.

What defines TRUE SaaS

Subscription-based software, delivered and managed by third-party vendedor. Many vendors, however, position themselves that way but still offer a great level of complexity for the infrastructure and or/ application leyer. To help you understand what kind of provider you are talking to, make him the following questions:

If an error or failure is found by a particular customer and then corrected, will this error also be fixed in my store?  If the code is unique, once the code has been corrected, all stores absorb that fix, meaning your code tends to be error-free.

When a new release comes out, do I have to devote a lot of time and resource to test and validate the updates to ensure my website works properly? If “yes”, it probably means that you’re not getting the benefits of a shared platform and it’s centralized development, testing and deployment mode.

Is it possible that my store is in version X and another in version Y with other functionalities? Again, if the answer is yes, your vendor works on the single tenant model or on-premises.

When a new version of the system is upgraded, is there a queue to update customers until it reaches mine?  If yes, vendor is not truly SaaS.

Customer A is online and customer B is offline, is that possible? This is, perhaps, the easiest way to verify if your supplier’s is truly SaaS or not. If truly SaaS, this is not possible.


True SaaS


Salesforce (Demandware), Oracle Cloud Commerce


IBM, Oracle ATG, SAP Hybris, Magento

Delivery Model

  • Multi-tenant
  • Single-tenant
  • On-premises

Total Cost of Ownership

  • No license, no set-up fee, transparent pricing, pay-as-you-go, subscriptions become cheaper as your business grows, Opex, Expenses are overall better aligned with revenue
  • Potential license and/or set-up fee, Higher costs, Potential hidden and upgrade costs, Capex/Opex
  • Higher entry and operational costs, Expenditures may not be aligned to revenue since license fees are typically paid prior to revenue generation, infinite hidden costs: hardware, support, backup, operating system, middleware, database, disaster recovery environment, data centers, security certifications, etc.


  • Faster implementation, Easy to use, Designed for business users, Responds in real-time to customers’ needs
  • Slower implementation, More complexity involved,  Legacy architecture
  • It requires a lot of time and manpower to implement a new environment, Hardware purchases, Additional software licenses may be needed

Simple and Transparent Pricing

* Gross Merchandise Revenue
Inform your corresponding projections by each sales channel
Fill with your annual GMV projection through B2C
Fill with your annual GMV projection through B2B
Fill with your annual GMV projection through Call Center
Fill with your annual GMV projection through Marketplaces
Fill with your annual GMV projection through Brick and Mortar stores
Fill with the number of Brick and Mortar stores

This is how your revenue is split through your sales channel:






Our suggestion for your scenario:
Annual VTEX Cost
General Conditions

Multi-tenant single code platform

Fully hosted including CDN

Support and Maintenance

12k deploys/year