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VTEX offers a transparent pricing model with:

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Simple and Transparent Pricing

* Gross Merchandise Revenue
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Annual VTEX Cost
General Conditions

Multi-tenant single code platform

Fully hosted including CDN

Support and Maintenance

12k deploys/year

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On Demand




Account Maintenance, Platform Support (7) & Monitoring – Ongoing Fee (3)

U$500 per month

U$500 per month

U$1,500 per month

U$4,500 per month

Monthly SaaS Subscription (4) Ongoing Fee – Cloud Hosting, PCI Certified Checkout, Continuous Delivery & Rolling Upgrades

No Annual Fixed Fee
+2.5% Monthly Ongoing Fee on B2C Sales or 1.3% on Other Channels (6) Sales

U$44,000 Annual Fixed Fee
+1.8% Monthly Ongoing Fee on B2C Sales or 1.0% on Other Channels (6) Sales

U$162,000 Annual Fixed Fee
+1.1% Monthly Ongoing Fee on B2C Sales or 0.7% on Other Channels (6) Sales

U$368,000 Annual Fixed Fee
+0.5% Monthly Ongoing Fee on B2C Sales or 0.3% on Other Channels (6) Sales

True Elastic Cloud Infrastructure – elastic cloud server & hosting with no pre-provisioning and no traffic defender needed during traffic spikes

Unlimited Growth – unlimited orders, unlimited products, unlimited SKUs, unlimited page views and unlimited users

True Multi-tenant Microservices Architecture – scalable 70+ microservices architecture with continuous delivery and over 20 rolling upgrades per day

  • 1.VTEX can evaluate and authorize partners to handle integration and APIs connections.

  • 2.To know all the VTEX Platform native features review our knowledge base (, request access to a demo store and its administrative module and/or ask for a demonstration of a VTEX expert.

  • 3.Prices in US Dollars and considering invoicing from and payment to VTEX legal entities in United Kingdom or United States. Additional fees may apply for monthly billing and other billing locations;

  • 4.Monthly Ongoing Fee will consider all orders passing through the platform OMS (Order Management System) module. Orders will be considered approved when classified with the "Approved" status in the reference month and it will consider every order processed in the VTEX Commerce platform. No value will be excluded from the total orders amount (VAT included).

  • 5.In-app purchases available: 1) VTEX Partner Network extension store apps; and 2) Extra commercial policies or additional accounts will be charged USD $250,00/mo each.

  • 6.Other Channels means orders settled from a Certified Marketplace, B2B Store, Physical Stores and Customer Service TeleSales.

  • 7.The technical ongoing support considers a centralized support (one-language & one-location). Enterprise - up to 3 nominated users, Corporate - up to 2 nominated users and Business - 1 nominated user. Extra fees will be charged for additional users, languages and locations.

  • 8.VTEX IO App hosting costs apply